Department of Enggineering & TechnologyDepartment of Enggineering & TechnologyDepartment of Enggineering & TechnologyDepartment of Enggineering & Technology

Welcome to the Madhav University’s Department of Engineering & Technology having a long and distinguished tradition of excellence in engineering education.

The changing landscape of India in engineering and technology needs more innovation and innovation starts with design. Engineering is to society what calcium is to the human body. It continuously strengthens our pre-existing knowledge of design and, as calcium ensures healthy bones and teeth, engineering ensures a healthy and sustainable environment for human kind. Our Department of Engineering & Technology among the leaders of the new generation of highly qualified and experienced faculty drawn from nationally & internationally reputed institutes, engineering colleges and Universities.

At the Department of Engineering & Technology, we educate the engineers who will be facilitating the passage from design to product and from product to start- up to create a socially and environmentally sustainable ecosystem.

“Always deliver more than expected.”


  1. Curriculum based on project based learning methodology

  2. Industrially meaningful curricula i.e. specialization driven with hands-on  practice

  3. Faculty qualifications and post-doc experience from prestigious institutions of India and abroad.

  4. Faculty  exposed  extensively  to both industry and  research

  5. History of excellent placements  in industry and  in pursuing higher education  abroad

  6. Nurturing  fire fighting skills on  leadership, perseverance and  surviving  in cut throat  competition

  7. Strong alumni network